Ah, Wish, birthdays! A time for joy, celebration, and… unexpected texts from your ex? Yep, we’ve all been there. So, how should you respond? Well, I’ve got some thoughts to share based on my personal experience.

The Text Message Alert

First Reaction

Here the article is capturing that moment when you see the notification and your pulse quickens. Why does your heart skip a beat? It could be a mix of excitement, anxiety, and the shock of seeing that familiar name on your screen after a period of no contact. It’s a natural human response to something that’s emotionally charged, even if it’s as simple as a text message.

Overthinking Mode

Once the initial emotional reaction subsides, this is where your brain kicks into high gear. The questions start rolling in: “Should I reply?”, “What do they want?”, “Are they thinking of getting back together?”, “Should I just ignore it?”—the list goes on. It’s a phase where you’re weighing your options, considering consequences, and possibly overcomplicating a simple “Happy Birthday” text.

The Emotional Turmoil

Conflicting Emotions

This section dives into the complex emotional landscape that a simple text message from an ex can trigger. You might feel nostalgic for the good times you had together, happy that they remembered you, angry about the way things ended, or confused about what their intentions might be. It’s like being on an emotional rollercoaster, going through various states of feelings almost simultaneously.

Past Memories

The text might serve as a prompt for you to revisit the past. Just like ads popping up on a website, memories of your time with your ex can suddenly surface in your mind. The article likens this to a user experience: sometimes you click on the ‘ads’ (memories), exploring them further, and sometimes you decide not to give them any more attention and keep scrolling.

What Are the Options?

Option 1: Ignore

This option is pretty self-explanatory. By choosing to ignore the text, you’re essentially not giving it any weight. You’re letting it “sink into the abyss of forgotten messages,” meaning you’re treating it like it never happened. It’s a way to sidestep any drama that could arise from responding.

Option 2: Acknowledge and Move On

Here, you’re acknowledging the text with a simple “Thank you,” and nothing more. It’s a neutral response that doesn’t invite further conversation but still acknowledges the well-wishes. It’s like waving to someone you know but not stopping for a chat.

Option 3: Reconnect?

This is the option where you entertain the possibility that this text could be an opening for reconnection. It’s like considering, “Hey, maybe the universe is giving me a sign that we should reconnect.” It’s the option that leaves the door open for something more to happen between you and your ex.

Factors to Consider

How Did You Break Up?

Your reaction might depend heavily on how the relationship ended. Was it amicable or a total disaster? Depending on that, you’ll know whether responding is a good idea or a powder keg waiting to explode.

Current Relationship Status

If you’re in a relationship, you have to consider how responding would affect your current partner. If you’re single, you have a bit more freedom, but it also depends on whether you’re open to potentially revisiting past connections.

The Pros and Cons

Ignoring: Pros and Cons

Ignoring the text frees you from any immediate drama, but it also might leave you with unanswered questions or a lingering sense of what could’ve been.

Acknowledging: Pros and Cons

Responding with a “Thank you” can provide closure, making you feel like you’ve dealt with it politely and can move on. However, it might also invite further conversations that could reopen old wounds.

Reconnecting: Pros and Cons

Taking this option could offer the chance for a do-over with your ex. That’s the pro. The con is that it’s risky—you might end up back in a relationship that was problematic in the first place, essentially “opening Pandora’s box.”

The Power of Social Media

How It Affects Your Wishing Decision

In this age of constant connectivity, the article touches on the temptation to “stalk” or check out your ex’s social media profiles after getting that birthday text. It’s a very human impulse but one that could potentially impact your decision on how to respond. Essentially, what you see (or don’t see) on their social media could sway your emotional state and choices.

Overcoming the Urge to Stalk

Here, the emphasis is on self-control. As tempting as it is to know what they’re up to, sometimes it’s better for your peace of mind to resist that urge. Social media often portrays an unrealistic view of people’s lives, and peeking into your ex’s world might create unnecessary complications.

Friends and Family Weigh In

Common Reactions

When it comes to personal matters like this, friends and family usually have a lot to say. However, as the article points out, not all advice is beneficial. Some might tell you to hit ‘delete,’ others might push you to rekindle; the responses can vary wildly.

Filter the Advice

Listening to loved ones is good, but always filtering that advice through your own understanding and feelings is crucial. Everyone has their own biases and experiences that color their advice. “Take it with a grain of salt” means you should think critically about the advice you receive, without accepting it blindly.

My Own Personal Approach

What I Chose

Here, the author reveals they opted for Option 2: A simple acknowledgment followed by moving on. It’s a balanced approach that neither ignores the text nor opens up a potential can of worms by diving into a conversation with the ex.

Lessons Learned

The article sums it up by saying that sometimes less is more. You don’t need to overthink or write an essay in response to your ex’s text. A simple “Thank you” can offer peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your birthday without unnecessary stress or drama.


In the end, the article emphasizes personal choice. It suggests you should trust your gut and weigh your options carefully. No one can tell you the “right” way to respond because it’s a personal decision that depends on a host of factors like your emotional state, current relationship status, and how the breakup went. And remember, birthdays are a celebration of you, not an occasion for emotional turmoil.


Should I tell my current partner about the text?

This is contextual. If you have an open and honest relationship, it might be best to share this to maintain trust. If not, you may decide it’s too minor to bring up.

What if they insist on meeting up?

Here, the advice is to assess your own comfort level. If you feel okay with it, go ahead but set boundaries to ensure the meet-up doesn’t lead to misunderstandings or complications.

Does responding mean I still have feelings?

The article says no, responding to a text doesn’t automatically mean you still have feelings for your ex. It’s just a text, and your response can be as emotionally loaded (or not) as you decide.

Is ignoring the text a bad move?

Ignoring is a valid option and doesn’t make you a bad person. You have every right to decide who you interact with, especially on your birthday.

Can this be a new beginning?

While it’s tempting to see the text as a sign for rekindling, the article advises caution. Things ended for a reason, and it’s crucial to remember that before jumping back in.

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